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Top Ten Facts about Amanda

Top Ten Facts about Amanda

Hi and welcome to my blog! I’ve been “meeting” a lot of new blogging friends, and I thought today would be a good day to share my top 10 facts about myself so they can get to know me a little better. And for my readers and friends who aren’t bloggers — maybe you’ll learn something new about me as well! 😉

So, to count down the facts…

#10 – I am a Georgia girl.

Yep, born and raised in Georgia, I grew up in the little town of Vidalia. (Not to be confused with Valdosta, which is much closer to Florida than Vidalia is). If you have heard of Vidalia Sweet Onions, that’s where I’m from! And yes, I do like onions. I went to college at Georgia Southern University, and I’m a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs (as long as they aren’t playing GSU) and the Atlanta Falcons. I say y’all. I like sweet tea. And I’m always fixin’ to do somethin’.

In rural Georgia, you don't just have dogs and cats for pets... you have pet cows too.
In rural Georgia, you don’t just have dogs and cats for pets… you have pet cows too.

#9 – I do NOT like to be cold.

And I often am cold because my body temperature seems to naturally be slightly higher than everyone else’s. I don’t tolerate cold well at all, and much prefer to be bundled up indoors, or in the sun. Maybe it’s my South Georgia roots, but anything below 65 degrees just doesn’t feel comfortable to me. That’s unfortunate since I now live in snowy Colorado, but the view is nice here so I deal with it. Haha.

At least it was sunny.
At least it was sunny.

#8 – I’m a math nerd.

I joined the math team when I was in 7th grade, and stuck with it until I changed schools after 10th grade. That meant I spent time after school and on weekends doing difficult math problems for FUN. Ohhh the joy I would get after solving a difficult problem or learning something new! In case you were wondering, I definitely geek out on Pi Day. And it warms my heart that my daughter has followed in my footsteps.


#7 – I’m a spelling and grammar nerd too.

In middle school, my friends and I would pass notes in class. Whenever one of my friends misspelled a word, I would not only reply to their note…I would correct their spelling or grammar and send the note back to them. What a terrible thing. I’m really not even sure how they kept me for a friend.

((Sometimes I correct my boyfriend’s texts too. Oops.))

Friends still text me when they want to settle a spelling/grammar debate because they know I’ll know the answer.

#6 – I’m a beer snob.

I love beer. I love the taste of it, the different flavors, the way it washes down a juicy burger or some cheesy nachos. I don’t just drink any old beer though. I prefer the local brands, the craft beers, and the ones that you can’t get for $1.50 on Tuesday nights. One local fave is Dry Dock Apricot Blonde, with my all around favorite being any of Leinenkugel’s shandy flavors. I could enjoy a Cranberry Ginger Shandy any day of the week. You can keep any hoppy beers for yourself though. I’ll pass.

((Not pictured…I used to be a Miller Lite Girl. Let your imagination run wild with that.))

#5 – I’m a runner.

I haven’t always been a runner, and I used to HATE running. It took me a long time to be able to run longer than one minute. But once I was able to make myself run a little farther… two minutes turned into five minutes, which turned into ten, which eventually became 2 hours 38 minutes when I finished my first half-marathon in 2012. Now I’m an ambassador for the Colfax Marathon and I’m always looking for my next 5k or 10k to run! I am excited to run the Colfax half in May 2016, and hope to finish under 2:30. Running through the Denver Zoo is going to be so much fun!

Running with my son for his first 1 miler. Spirit of Survival 2013, Lawton, OK.
Running with my son for his first 1 miler. Spirit of Survival 2013, Lawton, OK.

#4 – I have two Masters degrees.

Funny thing – I’m not currently using either one of them. I got my first masters in 2004, in Special Education. I thought I wanted to move into Educational Administration, so I got my masters in Educational Leadership in 2009 (while I was very pregnant, which wasn’t easy at all). While I loved teaching and loved my students and really wanted to make a bigger impact, I came to realize that administration just dealt with wayyyy more headaches than I was able to allow into my life at the time. That, paired with moving from state to state so often as an Army wife, just didn’t make moving into a higher position very feasible. And earlier this year, I left the classroom altogether to pursue my love of fitness as an online health coach and group fitness instructor. At least I am still able to teach and lead others, which I will always love to do.

What one student wrote for parent/teacher conferences. What a sweetie.
What one student wrote for parent/teacher conferences. What a sweetie.

#3 – I’m afraid of heights.

This little quirk isn’t that much of a big deal…until it is. I can fly in an airplane without a thought. I have no problem walking up stairs or riding in elevators. Even driving over bridges isn’t an issue for me. But walking up more than 4 steps on a ladder has me sweating. Thinking about getting on a ski lift puts me into a full blown panic attack (that actually happened on a family vacation in Gatlinburg, TN — and we never got on that lift). Even riding in an enclosed gondola to the top of a mountain in Breckenridge makes me feel weak, and I have to really muster up the courage to even look out the windows. Maybe falling down a few steps on an escalator when I was a kid is what started it all? Oh, there’s another one. I’m afraid of escalators too. Just keep me on the ground, ok?

Thank goodness hiking isn't an issue (as long as I don't look down). The Incline, Manitou Springs, CO.
Thank goodness hiking isn’t an issue (as long as I don’t look down). The Incline, Manitou Springs, CO.

#2 – I’m a Tinder success story.

That’s right — I met my boyfriend on Tinder. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just an app for people who want to hook up. When you’re 34 years old, living in a new city (or a whole new state), you are a full time teacher and you have two kids…. getting out and meeting new people is next to impossible. Thank goodness for online dating and dating apps or I NEVER would have met anyone here. It’s not like the school carpool line is a great place for a singles mixer. This guy just happens to be the most awesome guy I’ve ever met, and my kids are pretty crazy about him too. Tinder, if you’re reading this… thanks. You’re way better than Match.

Oh yeah, I swiped right. <3
Oh yeah, I swiped right. <3

And #1…not a huge shock at this point… I’m a mom.

If you’ve followed me at all, you know I have two pretty awesome kids. My daughter, Hunter, is a 14 year old freshman in high school. She’s a band nerd, a dancer, a math nerd, and she can cook. I have no worries about her starving in college. My son, Kaiden, is 6 years old and in first grade. He’s super smart and super sensitive and super energetic. He just knocked out one of his baby teeth today at recess. He wants to grow up to be a soldier like his dad, and I hope he always keeps a small piece of his innocence and genuine heart.

I basically have the best family EVER.
I basically have the best family EVER.

Ok so that last one was a bit of a cheat. I told you about my kids and not so much about myself. So I’ll give you just one more — I have 5 tattoos, and I think I’m going to get one more. My sister and I want to get matching tattoos…I just have to figure out where to put it!

So, did you learn anything new about me? Do we have anything in common?

63 thoughts on “Top Ten Facts about Amanda”

  • Great to get to know you! Ditto for the hate of the cold, the fear of heights, and learning to love to run later in life 🙂
    Thanks for the intro
    Meg x

    • I have a couple of friends who get frustrated trying to help their kids with their homework, so they send me a picture of a problem and ask me to explain it haha. I always enjoy a chance to help or teach others!

  • Amanda this was so fun to read! We DO have stuff in common! Besides the running thing, we both have 14 yr old daughters. It’s been quite a trip navigating this first year of high school. I love that you live in CO. SO beautiful there!

  • That was a great introduction. I want to know more about you. Like. What kind of search parameters do you put into Tinder to come up with THAT GUY on your screen. I must be doing something wrong because I always get some Weird pics when I try.
    I completely understand your fear of heights. I am claustrophobic myself. It’s not the space itself that does it, it’s my inability to control he situation. So I absolutely despise elevators but if I have a key for it, I’m okay. It makes getting around a lot of the buildings here in NYC a bit of a challenge. Honestly, I prefer to have my feet on the ground too.
    I am so happy to have found your page through the blog hop and I plan to stick around even after this over.

    • Haha thanks! I think in Tinder, you just filter by age and distance. This guy just happened to live within my acceptable dating “range.” He didn’t meet all the qualifications I had on other sites…he’s much shorter than I was looking for, younger than other guys I had dated, and I wasn’t really going after someone Hispanic… but here he is. 🙂 And he’s perfect for me.

  • Wonderful to meet you Amanda. I was born and raised outside of Columbus, GA in a tiny place called Midland! I know exactly where Vidalia is. I can’t NOT say y’all and fixin’. I’ve tried. I wasn’t very active as a kid. I was on the math team and in the band. I didn’t find running until my early 40s. Now I’m hooked. Good luck as you train for Colfax. Also, we celebrated Pi day at our house this year!

    • Sounds like we have a lot in common! My friends from the North give me funny looks when they hear me talk, especially if I’m talking to my mom on the phone! haha

  • So great to connect with you Amanda through the hop! Seriously, you had me at sweet tea, y’all and fixin’ to do. Only thing missing is a dirt road! 🙂 Loved reading your facts about you. I think it is awesome you met the love of your life online. What a story!!! You said you had 5 tattoos, what is one of them, where and what is the meaning behind it. Looking forward to reading more about you.

  • So great to get to know you!! This was so fun to read. I’m right there with you on the cold weather, the math skills, and the spelling police! The fact that you used to correct your friend’s notes cracks me up! You were definitely meant to teach/lead/inspire!! Excited to get to know you better though the hop!

  • It’s great to meet you and find out more about you Amanda!!! We have quite a few things in common! I don’t deal the cold very well neither, but I’ve been learning to just deal seeing as how I was born and raised near Chicago. Fellow runner here as well!!!! Yay for runners!!! I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado! Looking forward to following your blog!

  • A co worker just the other day says to me, do you think anyone on Tinder really finds love? She wanted to try it but wasn’t sure, at the time I was like, I dunno but now next time I see her I can say I know someone it worked for:)
    2 masters degree’s, that is amazing, your the first that I have met with 2. It’s funny you don’t use either, but it sounds like you have found something better you love ever more, which is awesome!
    If you live in Colorado, then you may have just woken up to snow, like we did here in Utah today. Truth be told, I prefer the warmth too. But after a few weeks of the cold, luckily I get used to it a little. Hope you can stay warm. Fun learning more about you!

  • Amanda it’s nice to meet you! I am so afraid of heights it’s not even funny. I swear I inherited it from my father! Ladders and ferris wheels are what get me the most! I can’t do it. Even to help my husband paint our bedroom (a whole 8′ ceiling) was too much for me! I’m also a newish runner who used to DESPISE it but I’ve grown to love it very much! I look forward to continuing to get to know you more through your blog!

  • Amanda, I love your introduction! That is cool you are a beer snob…me too and Leinenkugel’s is my one my favs as well! I am not a fan of the cold either so I am dreading a winter in the Northeast this year!

  • Great to connect with you through the Grow Your Blog Hop! I’m not using my degree either. Mine was a triple major in European Studies, Arts and Letters, and Social Sciences. I also found a love of distance running later in life. I’m on a distance running break while I heal from plantar fasciitis right now. We also share the same sub 2:30 half marathon goal too!

  • Wow, we have a lot in common (except for the beer thing , double Masters, living in Colorado, and the fear of heights) LOL I have to really use restraint when I read posts (on any social media platform)…..bad grammar makes my blood boil (well, that’s a slight exaggeration ). Same thing with spelling. Total math nerd, also…and my birthday is Pi DAY (although Pi Day was not celebrated back when I was a kid). I’m always cold, as well…ugh! Give me a funky sweater and sunshine and I’m quite content. 😉 Great to meet you through the Hop!

  • It was fun getting to know you! I recently went to Colorado for the first time…what a beautiful place! I can’t wait to get back there again someday.

  • Nice to get to know you more! Ditto on the cold, I spent a few months in Denver and I decided I can’t live anywhere where the temp dips below 50. I did go to the Denver Zoo while I was there and I agree running through there would b so much fun!

  • Glad to meet you via the blog hop! I, too, am a grammar nerd. I’m the one people come to for proofreading, and I truly cringe at bad grammar. My mom raised me this way. She and her girlfriend used to call each other, and pick apart the grammar mistakes in the local newspaper, which I found incredibly endearing.

    Your family is beautiful. 🙂

  • This is my first visit to your blog, so it was a great introduction! I loved learning all those things about you. We had Summer Shandy as favors for our wedding, by the way. And we met on 😉 Can’t wait to read more on your blog.

  • This is a great way for us to get to know you a little better. You and I have 4 of the above in common. Congratulations on following the career path you are are passionate about. Many people spend way too long in fields that don’t make them happy. I look forward to connecting through your blog and social media. Happy Blog Hopping Amanda!!

  • New to your blog thanks to the blog hop. I’m also a military spouse. It is certainly difficult to manage a career. I spend so much time looking for a new job and transferring licenses at each stop along the way. Looking forward to following and seeing how your training goes for Colfax!

  • You aren’t too far from me here in Central Florida! Okay, a state away, but that’s not too too far. LOL
    Oh, and I dislike being cold too. I like cooler temps, but I tend to get cold hands and feet due to my thyroid, so no fun.

  • I loved reading your top 10 facts. I wish I was decent at math. Math was my biggest struggle in high school and my freshman year of college. I prefer reading and writing. I hate the misuse of “your/you’re”, “their/they’re”, etc. I hated running growing up too. I never imagined I would love it as much as I do now. I’m afraid of heights, but I enjoy hiking. Your pictures from Colorado are beautiful! I am currently a special education teacher. I love teaching, but I am wanting to pursue my Master’s degree in something outside of the classroom. I still haven’t decided what degree I should get. I agree administration seems like a big headache. So neat that you met your husband online! It looks like you have a nice family!

  • Hi from the blog! Ok kind of creepy all that we have in common…

    I do not like the cold either…give me a beach and sun any day!!
    I am a runner too 🙂
    Special Education teacher turned administrator who left administration due to all the headaches and distance from the ‘real work’

    Grammar and Spelling nerd here too!!! I am always correcting people…they are used to it now and even sometimes catch their own errors-lol! I train them well!

    Look at your kiddies…too cute!

    I don’t know what tinder is but how awesome it worked for you!

    Nice to meet you!

  • Well hello Amanda! I’m Dia, I write a lifestyle blog! This is such a good idea. I am not a fan of the cold either but I am horrible at math (unless it’s counting money). I just published a story about the 12 guys you meet online…… this focuses on the not so great ones and on okcupid. I think it’s great you met your husband on tinder. I met an amazing guy on tinder over a year ago, we are kind of complicated right now but he is still one of the best people in my life and I’m so grateful I met him even if it was on Tinder lol
    I’m a huge shandy fan, I’m not really beer snob cause I will drink most types but if I’m buying or picking its normally a shandy.
    Really this was a great getting to know you post.. it was full of random facts about you so multiple talking points for your readers to respond… I mean look at me rambling on and on.
    Great “meeting” you!

  • I love that you are a beer snob! I totally am too! Beer and wine… After working in an upscale restaurant as a bartender in my early 20s, I certainly developed a refined tasted and luckily for my boyfriend I have past that on to him heehee 😉

  • Math, spelling and grammar nerd, runner, mom, afraid of heights: we have so much in common. I don’t like the cold either, but I live in Canada so I’m forced to accept (or embrace) it. This was such a great list. I’ve loved the blog hop as it has let me met great people like you!

  • Hey girl! Happy to come across your blog today on the hop! I am right there with you on enjoying a good micro brew and avoiding escalators, but I love rock climbing, is that weird? lol I have two kids too and fell in love with running later in life as well. I lived in UT for four years, not quite CO but I do miss racing in the rockies 😉

    • Haha I haven’t been rock climbing, but I do love to hike! And my favorite so far is the Incline at Manitou Springs, CO — super steep!

  • We have the same half marathon time goals! Love it! AND I also have a masters in special ed! I’m not technically using it now but I do think it comes in handy with my community ed classes in middle schools! Loved learning a bit more about you!

  • Hello there Amanda! Caroline visiting from via the blog hop! Loving meeting fun and interesting bloggers like yourself throughout these two weeks! I also hate the cold! I’m in Southern California so I don’t always have to deal with it, but lately I’ve been hating the outdoors as its been super chilly. When its cold I just want to bundle myself up inside and avoid the cold. I love summer! Maybe cause I’m a summer baby, but I love the warmth, the beach, and poolside! Not to mention I love wearing fun skirts and dresses!

    btw the spelling corrections! Hilarious :]

    • I was hoping to visit Southern California this Christmas, just so I could get my warm, sunny fix! Plans changed and it looks like I’ll be in sweatpants next to my fire all winter haha.

  • So nice to meet and follow you Amanda via the blog hop. I have a fear of heights also, and was once stuck in an elevator so that fear along with my need for personal space as horrible. Our middle child is amazing at math, so is my husband {thank goodness} because I am horrible at math. I am not knowledgeable in the beer area, but I can chat about wine or champagne. We live in the wine country, so it is almost impossible not to enjoy the good stuff.

    • Oh yes, I’ll take a good wine or champagne any day. And if I ever got stuck in an elevator, I’d probably need an entire case of wine haha.

  • Okay so first off, I am so sorry for all the mental fixing my comment will need lol! I am dyslexic and me and grammar aren’t really besties. Other than that, we have quite a bit in common! I am super afraid of heights! I mean like RIDICULOUSLY afraid crawling on the ground, full blown tears, shaking so bad I can’t stand kind of heights freak.
    I lived in South Gaw-ja for 10 years. My husband was stationed (Army) at Fort Stewie and we owned a house in Hinesville. Unlike you, I am from the PNW so the heat just killed me. I actually kept one of those funny spray bottle fans with me all the time. I also didn’t enjoy no see-ums, palmetto bugs, fire ants, omgosh I could go on about all the bugs I hated. I did love SAV though! I am back in Washington now! There is just something special about the mountains and I couldn’t wait to get home to see them everyday.
    COLORADO! My friend Misti moved there from WA and she actually ran the Colfax. She is a part of MRTT, maybe you know each other? she loves to run and workout. She is @Crazystairsmom on Insta. I bet, if you don’t know each other yet, you would get along well!
    I am so excited to “meet” you on your blog and follow your journey!

    • Haha my exhusband was stationed at Ft Stewart when we met. Hinesville isn’t my favorite place, but I do LOVE Savannah! And I’m not part of MRTT, but you just gave me an excellent idea for finding a group to run with. I’m going to check them out and look for your friend! Thanks so much!

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