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Holiday Gift Guide for Group Fitness Instructors

This is the first of many fitness related gift guide I will be sharing this season. But of course I have to start with a gift guide that fits my own personal needs. Heh.

So you’ve been going to group fitness classes this year and there’s that instructor who you just LOVE. She motivates you, she makes you sweat, she just kills you for an hour and you can’t even be mad about it because you enjoy it the entire time. Or maybe your friend/sister/girlfriend/mom/neighbor/grandma is a group fitness instructor and you just don’t know what to get her for Christmas because she seems to never shower and wears nothing but ponytails and sweats or damp spandex.

I don’t know anyone who fits that description, by the way.

Well fret not, I am here to help you out this year! I have a nice list of gift ideas ranging from stocking stuffers to Santa surprises. Take notes! (And to purchase any of the items listed, just click the picture.)

Microphone Wind Screen

Your instructor would be embarrassed to tell you how many of these fuzz balls she goes through in a year. They get left on mics at the gym, thrown into every purse or pocket she can find, and are shot on the ends of NERF bullets throughout her house. She could definitely use extra wind screens in her life.

Manduka Yoga Mat

When you want a good quality mat that will last, Manduka mats are one of the best around. I mean, you could just use the mats at the gym…but who really likes the idea of planking on top of the sweat and body odor of 82 other gym members?

Athleta Gift Card


If you aren’t into gift cards, you could just get any of the Chaturanga tights or Fastest Track tanks, but I recommend a gift card instead. Fitness Instructors can get 30% off their Athleta purchases in store, so your gift amount will go further if they just buy for themselves!


sweaty bands

There are a lot of cute headbands out there, but none as effective and non-slip as Sweaty Bands and Bolder Bands. I personally wear Sweaty Bands more in class because they sit on top of my head, but I wear Bolder Bands when I’m running and don’t mind covering the top of my face a bit.

Moving Comfort Sports Bra

Not everyone has a need for this level of support, but for a girl who wants to tame her tatas during class — Moving Comfort bras are the way to go. So far I haven’t found a Moving Comfort bra I didn’t like, but I will say the Juno is my favorite. The Fiona or the Maia may actually hold things down even better than the Juno, but I prefer the racer back style to the over-the-shoulder style. No matter which one you get, you really can’t go wrong. And if you’re wondering, YES they are worth the price.

Asics Cross-Training Shoes

I have these shoes in purple and they are my favorite trainers so far! Not every shoe is made the same, and running shoes just aren’t safe to wear when teaching (or participating in) fitness classes like INSANITY or P90X. A lower profile sole and wider base will allow for lateral movement without the risk of injury to ankles and knees.


You might think socks are a silly gift (unless you are my Granny, and then you don’t), but I promise you any fitness instructor would be happy to get new socks! Whether solid black or fun colors, we are always searching for clean socks to wear. Sometimes I go through 2-3 pairs per day! Stinky feet are never fun.

Motivational Jewelry

What better reminder to wear to your class than a necklace that reminds you to be the change you wish to see? We can all use the reminder that we need to be the example for others. This cute necklace is a great way to serve that purpose.

Pre-workout Drinks

Beachbody Performance Energize

I drink this magical juice before every class. Sometimes I drink it when I need to clean house. I’m not sure I could make it through a tough workout without this liquid battery fluid zooming through my veins. I’m exaggerating…mostly. Not really though. Definitely this. Get it for sleep-deprived moms, too. And a bonus — it doesn’t even taste bad or give you the jitters.

Water Bottle

Here’s a simple stocking stuffer for you – a water bottle. Possibly more boring than those socks, but we need these because we tend to lose our water bottles almost as much as we lost our microphone wind screens. Here’s an idea: Pair a new water bottle with a tub of Energize and you’ve got yourself a whole gift set!! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Gym Bag

For instructors who teach multiple formats like yoga, sports training, spin classes, etc…we need to drag around tons of gear with us. Studio wrap shoes, spinning shoes, clean socks (hint hint), training shoes, clean bras, wind screens, class notes, water bottles — are you getting the idea here?? — and it takes a good bag to hold it all. Besides, how cute is this bag? I think I’d take it everywhere.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Have you ever wondered if you were working hard enough in a workout, or how many calories you were burning? This watch and chest strap is one of the most accurate heart rate monitors on the market. You might think your instructor just teaches without a second thought (or maybe you think she knows how many calories she’s burning with her workouts), but she probably does wonder just how many calories she burned in those three classes she taught yesterday because she wants to know if she can eat an extra slice of pizza. Probably. I’m just guessing.

iTunes Gift Card


Whether we are running Spotify premium, Pandora Radio, or buying our own music and apps for class, we never stop needing iTunes gift cards. No matter what monetary value you choose, it won’t be unappreciated.

And don’t forget to use Ebates if you shop online. It’s like getting a little Christmas gift for yourself while you shop for someone else! It can be our secret.

Did you see anything in this list that you’d want to have, or even buy for yourself? Did I leave out an important gift item that you think I should add next time? I’d love to hear your ideas!



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