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Holiday Gift Guide for Runners Under $30

Here’s the second gift guide for all you holiday shoppers out there! If you missed my Holiday Gift Guide for Group Fitness Instructors, you should go check it out. This gift guide is all about runners and some essential items they would love to get!

You probably think all runners need is a pair of running shoes and a road – and you’d be correct – but we need love to run with so much more than that. Here are a few budget-friendly gift ideas under $30 for that runner in your life.

Foam Roller

foam roller

Experienced runners know how important it is to roll out those tight muscles after running to prevent injury. Quads, IT bands, calves and hip flexors are a PAIN (literally) if they get too tight. Some simple foam rolling after running will help to prevent that pain and injury, and keep that runner on the road!



Just so you know, this is not a fanny pack. This is a FlipBelt, and it kicks a fanny pack’s fanny all the way to the finish line. It hugs the waist, keeping a phone, keys, and ID safe and tucked away during a run. I love to run with my FlipBelt because I can keep my important things with me without them flopping around in my pockets or falling out on the road. Oh, and FYI, I bought the hot pink. Because I’m a girl. Holla!

Bolder Band Headbands

You’ve heard me rave about these before, but that’s just because they are so awesome! I love Bolder Bands for when I’m running because they keep my hair away from my face without slipping off my head. And if you’re a Colorado resident like me, you may want to opt for the Colder Bands to keep your ears toasty warm too!

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Race Entry Fee eBib

For me, running is most fun when I’m in a race. I can run on a treadmill, I can run on a trail, and I can even run through my neighborhood — all for free. But running in a race just gives that HIGH, even if you aren’t trying to win $1,000 for setting a new race record! You get the added motivation of running with a group of friends, whether you know them or not, and of course there’s always swag to be enjoyed. T-shirts, bags, medals, food… Yep, I said it. I will run for food. So whether you pay an entry for a 5k, a half-marathon, or a marathon, runners will appreciate the gesture! And they’ll love it even more if you buy yourself an entry as well.

Not sure which race to sign up for? My votes go to the Colfax Marathon and Half-Marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Half-Marathon, the Hot Chocolate 5k and 15k, and any local 5k races that support charity or local groups. ((Yes, I am aware that some entry fees are more than $30, but you can find some small races to fit your budget!))

Medal Hanger

Medal Hanger Display

How fun is this?? Runners who enjoy lots of races end up collecting LOTS of medals. And what better way to display them than with a custom medal hanger? This one from AmboDesign on etsy can be customized with your favorite runner’s name or initials, or there are also generic options like “Keep Running” which I have hanging on my bedroom wall.

Do you have any more “must haves” for this list? Do you have a favorite race that you’d LOVE to have an entry fee paid for?

Happy shopping!
<3 Amanda

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