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Come on 2016, I’m ready for you.

Come on 2016, I’m ready for you.

I love goal setting. That makes sense to me, as I’m a list-maker as well. I can make lists of lists. The best part about setting goals is being able to cross things off my list once I’ve accomplished them. And baby, I hope to be able to scratch out every goal by Dec 31, 2016.

I wouldn’t say 2015 has been a disappointment, but there are quite a few goals I had set for myself that I didn’t reach. And that’s ok, because sometimes we grow and change and we realize that certain goals we made aren’t quite in our vision anymore. So… we set new goals. And the end of the year is the perfect time for that. So with that, here are my top goals for 2016:

2016 goals

  1. Get married. Or at least engaged. Can this be a goal? I feel like it’s not so much a goal for myself as it is for SOMEONE else who is probably reading this list. Whatever — the hint has been loudly dropped. Moving on…
  2. Pay off debt. Luckily my student loans have been paid in full, but I do have a little bit of credit card debt that I’d like to make disappear. So this year I will buckle down and stay within my shopping budget and put all my extra income toward getting a $0 balance on my credit card statements.
  3. Blog consistently three times per week. I’ve had some ups and downs with my blog in 2015, but for the most part things have been moving forward! I switched to a self-hosted blog, discovered my brand, and worked toward having more of a professional blog versus something like a public journal. Thanks to a blogging e-course from my friend Abby, I got my ish in gear and am on the right path to being a “real” blogger! I’ve also just started another e-course with The Nectar Collective and I am soaking up all the new information like a sponge. Lucky you — you’ll get to see the benefits as I spice things up around here!!
  4. Earn money from my blog. Yes, I do have a specific number in mind, but I’m not spilling those details here. And while I do enjoy blogging just for the fun of it, I have those credit card bills to pay so I need to earn income somehow! Between sponsored content and my online coaching business that will launch in 2016, I would like to be able to earn some money doing what I LOVE to do.
  5. Dry January. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s a challenge to abstain from alcohol for the entire month of January. This was most likely started because of how much people tend to drink over the holidays hahaha. Well, I love my evening glass of Cabernet, but for one full month I will push my wine glasses to the back of the cabinet and stick to water and Lacroix. I think these holiday pounds I’ve packed on just might disappear when I let the wine go! Dry January
  6. Run a race every month. So far I’ve only signed up for races in April and May, so I have a little bit of registering to do! I don’t plan to make them all super long races (nothing wrong with a fun 5k), but I want to have a reason to keep running every month. I just scheduled out my training plan for the Colfax Half-Marathon, so I’m excited to pick up the mileage this year! And that coincides with my next goal…
  7. Run a half-marathon in less than 2 hours 30 minutes. My first half-marathon was completed in 2 hours 38 minutes and some seconds. That was great for my first race…actually, I was just happy to finish. That was the only goal I really had anyway. This time, I’m in much better shape and I want to set a new PR when I run the Colfax. I hope with some serious training, I can really reach that goal. And that brings me to my last running goal for 2016…
  8. Run 1000 miles in 1 year. When you say it out loud, it sounds kind of crazy. That’s a LOT of mileage. Basically the equivalent of 38 marathons. But spread out over a full year…and adding in those monthly races PLUS my half-marathon mileage as well (and I just might run another half-marathon)… Yep, I am confident that I can reach this goal. But just to make it more official, I’m going to register for the 2016 Gold Challenge on
1000 miles 1 year goal
This could be me.
My 2016 goals are set! Are yours? Get ready for a great year! Click To Tweet

I would be joking if I thought I could reach all of these goals on my own. I definitely can’t reach goal #1 on my own (heh heh), and I could definitely use some help and support in reaching my running goals. So to kick off January on the right foot (that’s a running joke), I’ve decided to do a 21 day reset challenge with my running coach friend, Laura, over at The reset will give me

  • Meal plan templates and sample meal plans
  • Healthy, easy seasonal recipes with lots of crock pot ideas (Holla!! Love my crock pot!)
  • Emails with tips and motivation
  • Group accountability through the private Facebook group
  • Nutrition tweaks to maximize fitness and strength
  • How to incorporate the four phases of strength training into my running plan
  • Workouts to become a stronger runner (Goal #7 is going to be BLOWN out of the water!!)

21 Day Challenge - January Reset - goal

This is exactly what I need right now as I prepare to start my official race training at the beginning of February. I can already tell this is going to be my BEST year for running!

But you know… I’d love to have you join me if you have some of the same goals. Laura was so nice that she shared a promo code with me that I can hand off to you guys: If you register to do the reset with me, you can get $10 off by using promo code “blog“! Just click on 21 Day Reset Challenge on her site and sign up! Don’t forget to use that discount code so you can save some dollars.

What are some of your goals for 2016? What’s the one thing you want to accomplish next year? Share with me below!



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