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Valentine’s Day Parfait

Valentine’s Day Parfait

Roses, chocolates, red, pink, hearts, stuffed animals, balloons…these are things that come to mind when I think of Valentine’s Day. And while I think all of these things are great, I don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s Day with commercial products. Roses aren’t exactly my favorite flower, the LAST thing I need is to eat a pound of chocolate truffles, stuffed animals make me sneeze and balloons…well, balloons just get popped by my kids and pets.

What I DO enjoy is eating special foods. Maybe it’s from growing up with my Mema, but food just equals love to me. Last year, my sweetie surprised me with breakfast: crepes filled with strawberries and a side of bacon in the shape of a heart. I mean, what says “I love you” more than heart shaped bacon?? Or just bacon? So this year I wanted to return the favor with something sweet, and I decided to make a Valentine’s Day Parfait. Bonus — it rhymes! Poetic food.


While I do believe it’s ok to indulge a bit during holidays and special occasions, we still like to keep it somewhat healthy when possible. I kept this parfait “treat” not too-sweet, because that’s how he likes it. I opted for a pretty display of angel food cake, strawberries (his favorite), vanilla yogurt, and chocolate covered pretzels. Why chocolate covered pretzels? Because these pretzels are sprinkled with Nektar Naturals honey crystals and they taste ahhhmazing!

Parfait Ingredients

You could easily make this parfait in a bowl, but it looks much fancier in a wine glass, don’t you think? Plus you’re able to see all the pretty layers in a glass. I started by breaking apart a slice of angel food cake into the bottom of the glass, then topped that with a layer of vanilla yogurt. I prefer Noosa Yoghurt because it’s full fat and much “cleaner” than some other popular types of yogurt. However, you can use any brand you prefer, and you can play around with various flavors as well. I think some honey Noosa would’ve paired quite nicely with the honey crystals on the chocolate pretzels, or even plain greek yogurt with a sprinkle of honey crystals to sweeten it.

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I then sliced some strawberries on top of the yogurt, and covered those with another thin layer of yogurt. I crumbled a couple of chocolate pretzels on top for a bit of contrast – crunchy with the creamy, chocolate with the vanilla and strawberry, sweet and salty with the tart yogurt. Oh my goodness it was heavenly. Such a simple recipe, and it tasted anything but simple. I actually had to keep my kids away from it while I was preparing it! My 14 year old was so excited that she insisted on taking pictures of every step, texting them to her friends.

Valentine's Day Parfait

Don’t worry, I did make a parfait for the kiddos as well. They gobbled it up faster than you could say BACON!

If you want to create this recipe for yourself (you deserve to give yourself a Valentine every day, don’t you think?), you can find these delicious chocolate pretzels on Amazon HERE. If you try them out, let me know what you think!

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day treat? Do you have a favorite recipe or gift idea? Comment below and share with me!

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