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Feeling Stressed? Just Chill!

Feeling Stressed? Just Chill!

I believe that some people just feel stressed more than others. Actually, I know that’s true. My fiance and I were just discussing this the other day…He can have a full schedule of meetings with clients and trainings and deadlines, and never break a sweat. His long work days don’t even cause him to get grumpy. (Seriously, where did THAT gene come from because I need it!) I, on the other hand, get overwhelmed easily. I tend to take on more work and responsibility than I can calmly handle, and I end up exhausted and crabby because I can’t balance it all.

Just Chill
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And of course, I don’t always handle that stress in a healthy way. Sometimes I run or exercise to clear my mind, but many times I feel like I don’t have the extra time for that kind of luxury. I drink coffee to keep the tiredness away. I bite my lips without realizing what I’m doing. I munch on chocolate late at night, or snack on unhealthy foods while I’m working to help me stay awake and focused. Something about crunching food helps with tension and distractibility, I guess. When I wasn’t pregnant, I would drink a glass of wine at night to try to relax. Now I just want to cry because I don’t have that option.

The friendly people over at Just Chill must’ve sensed my increasing tension and stress, because they sent me a variety of calming drink flavors to try. Drink it, they said. It will help you stay calm and focused, they said. (Note: They didn’t actually SAY that, but I’m pretty sure they were thinking it. I assume.) So I did…and to my surprise, I actually liked it!

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So what’s this Just Chill stuff all about? It’s a caffeine-free drink that uses a blend of natural, functional ingredients (including SunTheanine®) to support a calm and focused mindset, reduce stress, and provide some essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and vitamins B and C. It’s also non-GMO and gluten free. Holla!

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I was able to try all four flavors: Tropical, Rio Berry, Jamaican Citrus, and zero calorie Ginger. I’d love to be able to tell you my favorite flavor, but I just can’t pick one. They all taste really good! The fruity flavors are perfect for when I want to reach for a sweet treat or soda, and the ginger is great for when I need that extra calming flavor. There’s just something about ginger that’s soothing, don’t you think? And while I won’t tell you these drinks took 100% of my stress away – although I’m still waiting for someone to invent THAT product – I will say that these drinks definitely do help lower my stress levels just a bit. The vitamins and minerals helped to give me a bit of an alertness boost, without the jitters that caffeine can add. And let’s be honest, caffeine jitters don’t help stress levels at all.

Even my high schooler and my fiance have reached for a Just Chill from time to time, when working on some stressful products. Hunter’s AP and honors classes have kept her up late at night a few times, and I’ve had to tell her to stop stealing all my drinks! It felt good to know that she could reach for something natural and caffeine-free to help stay focused, rather than messing up her system with coffee or soda. It takes a little bit of mom guilt away.

Just Chill

Want to try Just Chill for yourself? Head on over to there site HERE to pick your flavor(s) and give it a shot! If you do, please drop a note below and let me know what you think about it!

How do you deal with stress? Do you have healthy (or unhealthy) coping strategies? Comment below and let me know!



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