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21 Day Fix – Dairy Free Meal Plan

21 Day Fix – Dairy Free Meal Plan

After about three weeks of avoiding dairy, I finally took the time to create a 21 Day Fix friendly dairy free meal plan to help me stay on track. I’m much better about eating the way I should when I have a plan to help me. Otherwise I end up grabbing whatever I can find, which means my meals aren’t balanced. To be honest, I’m not trying to cut calories too much, so this isn’t a “diet” for me right now. It’s more of a way to make sure I’m eating the right kinds of foods, and enough of them. And if you notice, this is really a LOT of food! Based on my current weight, the 21 Day Fix nutrition guide has me eating a little over 1800 calories right now (when I add in an extra 500 calories for breastfeeding), so I’m in the third bracket of containers. Here is the plan I created:

21 Day Fix Dairy Free pic

I tried to go with dinner options that are pretty family friendly. My husband and kids are happy to eat the foods I’ve chosen, and these are typically in our dinner rotation anyway. My husband is the pickiest eater and won’t be eating the green beans or squash that I have planned for Monday night. That’s ok though because he loves salads (which consist of romaine lettuce and carrots for him, haha) and we always have salad ingredients on hand.

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I also like to keep lunch as easy as possible, since my 8 week old doesn’t always let me put her down long enough to cook. So leftovers are a super easy way for me to have food I can grab and munch. I also boil a lot of eggs and peel them in advance, so they are easy to eat on the go as well.

Family Friendly Meal
Shredded Chicken “Taco” Salad with Avocado Dressing – a variation for Thursday night’s dinner

Want to steal my dairy free meal plan? Click HERE for a PDF printable version.

Do you meal plan? What are your favorite dinner ideas? Share with me, and I may be able to use them in my plan for next week!

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