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2016 Goals Revised

2016 Goals Revised


I was looking over my goals that I had set for 2016, and I was pleasantly surprised by how many I had actually met so far this year. With the difficulties I had during my pregnancy, I had lost my focus and hadn’t even been checking on my goal progress. But after seeing a fellow blogger friend who had revised some of her own goals after an injury, I realized that I could do the same. Just because I may not exactly meet my goals as planned doesn’t mean that I can’t at least work toward them or modify them in some way. So here is my 2016 goal check-in and revision:

  1. Get married. SCORE!! This one definitely happened. On February 27, 2016 I married the man of my dreams. The one who makes me laugh until it hurts. The guy who kisses my nose and plays with my hair and cooks delicious food for me. I’m so glad we are stuck with each other for life. wedding-pic
  2. Pay off debt. Another goal met! I actually paid off all of my credit cards this year. I was able to make a profit when I sold my house in June, so some of the extra money was used to pay off debt. I still have a car payment, and of course we have a new mortgage, but it feels good to not have to worry about credit cards each month.
  3. Blog consistently three times per week. Well…this one started off on the right track. But I definitely didn’t stick with it. Morning sickness and exhaustion really derails productivity. Then my mom passed away. Then I started exercising less due to all of my pregnancy pains with my hips and knees…which made it extremely difficult for me to motivate others (since I couldn’t even motivate myself). Then I stopped blogging for a few months. But I’m back at it, and I did blog 3 times last week, and have 3 posts prepared for this week as well! It feels good to write again. This is something I can stick with for the rest of the year!
  4. Earn money from my blog. Technically, I can say I met this goal. I did earn some money by doing a sponsored post earlier in the year. I definitely haven’t been able to earn as much as I would like, but it’s a work in progress. I’m learning more about being an affiliate and how to produce income. This will happen.  When you find yourself off-track to meet your goals, dust them off and get back to it! Click To Tweet
  5. Dry January. Ok ok, you got me. This one was kind of a cheat goal. I knew I was pregnant when I made this goal, so I knew I wasn’t going to be drinking. BUT I wasn’t ready to spill the beans to everyone yet, so I had to have a “reason” for not enjoying a glass of wine when I was with my family and friends! Needless to say, I met this goal with no problem. 😉
  6. Run a race every month. Yeah, no. This one didn’t happen. I ran a 5k in January, and it was maybe the hardest 5k I’ve ever done. It was freezing cold, and thanks to my pregnant body, I had such a hard time breathing during my run! It sucked all the way around. Then I didn’t run again. So I missed my February 5k, skipped my March 13.1, didn’t even try in April, and could only help out at the information tent for May’s Colfax race. By August, I could barely roll out of bed and shuffle to the bathroom. But that’s ok because I’m back at it! I have a virtual 5k planned for this weekend, and my daughter is running it with me. And we have already registered to run the Colfax Half-Marathon in May 2017! I’m not going to miss it next year!
  7. Run a half-marathon in less than 2 hours 30 minutes. Well obviously this didn’t happen in 2016, but I’m keeping this goal for 2017. I am registered for That Dam 13.1 in March 2017, and the Colfax in May. I’m thinking of adding in a Rock n Roll Half-Marathon as well, but I haven’t decided if I want to run it in Denver or somewhere else in the US. Maybe Savannah? Maybe Vegas? I have time to choose.
  8. Run 1000 miles in 1 year. With this being another running-based goal, I definitely haven’t met 1000 miles. Not even close. I haven’t even run 20 miles yet. But the year isn’t over, so why not just modify my goal? I know I ran 3.1 miles in January. I ran one mile yesterday. (Those are all I can remember, even though I probably ran more.) And I’m running 3.1 miles this weekend. I think I’ll set a goal for 100 miles before the end of the year, since I know cold weather is coming up. I think that goal is attainable. And who knows, maybe I’ll surprise myself and surpass it.

I’m getting excited to set new goals for 2017, but I think I’ve learned something from this… I need to revisit my goals more often that just at the end of the year. New plan: check into my goal progress at the end of the month, and set mini-goals for each month. This will help me stay on track so I hopefully can reach as many goals as possible. Also, I may decide mid-year that there are other things I want to focus on, and maybe some goals end up being less important.

How do you ensure you meet your goals? What is your biggest goal to hit before the end of 2016?

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