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Mom and Baby Workout

Mom and Baby Workout

mom and baby workout
See this little cutie? She is one reason why I am working so hard on getting my body and my strength back where I want it. She is also the number one reason why I have such a hard time getting my workouts done every day. She loves to be held and she kinda hates naps. Most days, she wakes up or cries as soon as I get ready to start my workout. So I came up with the perfect plan — just incorporate her into my exercise! I created this mom and baby workout so I have absolutely no excuse to get it done.

Here are the moves:

Squats – Hold your baby in front of your chest as you squat down and back. My daughter likes to look at my face, so I let her lean back just enough while I support her back.

Lunges – Hold baby in front while you lunge back. These could also be done as walking lunges.

Pushups – On your toes or knees, lower down over baby. I like to give kisses or raspberries as I move toward her. 🙂

Plank – For only as long as you are safely able to hold yourself up, hold plank position over baby. I talk to her and make faces to make her laugh and smile.

Plank Tap-Outs – Still in plank, tighten your core and tap your toes out and back in. Keep making that baby smile!

Chest Press – Lying on your back, lift baby straight up and slowly lower baby back down. Kisses are always fun after each rep.

Floor Bridges – Sit baby over your hip/pelvic area and slowly lift hips off the floor, squeezing your glutes. Lower hips almost to the floor without resting, then lift again. Saying “wheeee” or “up and down” makes the exercise more fun for everyone.

Crunches – With baby still sitting over your hips, crunch your ribs toward your hips as you lift your upper body off the floor.

Front Raises – This one is a little tough. Hold that baby safely as you slowly lift and lower her in front of you.

Oblique Crunches – While holding baby, bring your knee up on each side and squeeze your obliques. Imagine your ribs and hip bones coming together on each side.

Modified Burpees – Slowly lower your hands down beside baby on the floor, step back into plank, add in a mini pushup kiss if you like, then step back in and stand up. Regular fast burpees are not recommended for safety reasons.

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Speaking of safety… My daughter has very good neck control at 8 weeks. I do not recommend these movements for a baby who is unable to support his/her head and neck. Also, do not do these moves if you feel weak or sore, or are unable to safely complete the movements with proper form. To do so could risk injury to yourself and baby.

It’s never too early to get your littles involved in exercise! Start them young, and then let them join in on the fun when they are old enough to “practice” the movements with you. What better way to grow a healthy and fit family, right?

Do you exercise with your kids? Do you do a mom and baby workout? What fun movement do you love to do together?

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