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Race Recap – Ghouls on the Run Virtual 5k

To celebrate Halloween, my daughter and I decided to do the Ghouls on the Run Virtual 5k. I had been considering doing a virtual race with Gone For a Run for a while, but had never signed up to do one. When I saw the Ghouls on the Run theme advertised on Facebook, I decided to just do it. I figured it would be a good way to motivate myself and my daughter to get out and run a 5k.

Here’s how the virtual race works: You choose your race, then register online. You pick your shirt size (if a shirt is offered in the swag). They mail your shirt/swag, bib, and medal to your home. You run your race anywhere, anytime, during the given race window. This particular race was to occur between October 27-November 6. We decided to run on Sunday, October 30, as soon as my 2 month old went down for a nap. I have to get it done when the little lets me!

Ghouls on the Run swag
I didn’t want to go too far from home, just in case the baby woke up and hubby needed me to come home quickly. So my daughter, Hunter, and I started our run around the neighborhood. That was only 3/4 of a mile, so we headed across the road to the high school track. There were a couple of older gentlemen jogging/walking as well, and I’m not sure how they felt about the Spotify Halloween playlist I was blasting from my phone. Oh well, we enjoyed it at least.

After a couple of laps around the track, we got a little bored and decided to venture out further. We had a little over a mile left, so we did a loop around the school. By then it was time to head home. We danced and sang while we ran (and walked a bit), laughing and enjoying ourselves. This was definitely more of a “fun” run than an attempt at a PR. It was just what we needed to get our running season started on the right foot (heh heh, get it?).

Ghouls on the Run girls
Pumpkin shirts, spooky leggings…we were having fun!

We ended our 3.1 miles right in front of our house, hot and breathless and a little achy. This was my first 5k since I ran the Polar Bear 5k in January, and her first 5k since last year. It took us 45 minutes to complete our Ghouls on the Run race. We definitely have some work to do to make our next 5k feel like more of an easy run. Lots of stretching, some strength work, and regularly scheduled runs together. I think as long as we stay consistent with our training and running, we will be able to see improvement and feel good about it.

Have you ever done a virtual race, or would you ever want to participate in one?

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