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Garage Fit Plyo Box Workout and Review #garagefit

*I received this product in exchange for my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.*

Plyometrics: exercise involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (as by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power

Have you ever used plyometrics in your workouts? Do you know why you should?

Plyometrics are explosive or powerful movements that challenge your muscles in a different way than typical cardio and strength movements. Tuck jumps, plyo pushups (where your hands leave the floor), box jumps…those are all plyometric movements. You may remember reading about some of the plyo moves I did in INSANITY MAX:30 or P90X3.

Plyo Box and weights

Many modern gyms incorporate a plyo box into their exercises, especially gyms that are based on CrossFit or are geared toward cross training. A plyo box can be used for a variety of moves that improve athletic performance, coordination, agility, strength, and promote fat loss.

This video shows a quick total body workout that you can do at home with a plyo box:

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Plyo Box Review:

This plyo box from Garage Fit was super easy to put together. The sides fit together like a puzzle, with easy to read markings to know how to match up the sides. The materials are sturdy and didn’t budge after I screwed them all together. I used a simple drill to make the work easier, but you could put this together with a screwdriver. Total assembly time took 10 minutes.

I chose the 12″x14″x16″ box because I’m not able to jump very high yet. There are two other sizes available, and each one has 3 different heights per box. This is great for being able to challenge yourself to increase in height as your strength and power increases. Overall this is a great box, and one that I would definitely recommend to my readers. After I am able to master this box, I plan to get a bigger box to use. If you want to be #garagefit and get a box of your own, click HERE to order one.

Have you ever used a plyo box in your workouts? What is your favorite move?

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