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Race Recap – Move For Gold Virtual 5k

Race Recap – Move For Gold Virtual 5k

In keeping with my original 2016 goal of running a race each month, I decided to sign up for the Move For Gold virtual 5k for November. Move For Gold is a virtual 5k that is organized by Move More Fitness & Health (and I am a Move More Fitness ambassador!) to raise funds for childhood cancer research. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I lost my mom earlier this year to cancer. So I was more than happy to sign up for a race that helps to benefit various childhood cancer research organizations while also helping me to be healthy and meet my goals.

move for gold

The dates for the Move For Gold race were set for November 11-30, so I decided to run on Saturday, November 26. Colorado weather can be brutal in winter, but Saturday was our last day of warm weather. Sunny and temps in the 50s is the perfect weather for running — and very uncommon this late in the year! I took advantage of it.

I couldn’t find any earbuds to use for music while running (darn kids), so I stepped out without my phone or music. While it was actually quite calming and mind-clearing to run with just the wind and my thoughts, that also means I didn’t take any pictures along the way. Oh well, I’m sure you can visualize the Rocky Mountains in the distance, right?

Move for Gold neighborhood pic
Throwback to 2015 – the view from my neighborhood

I was really motivated on this run, even though I haven’t gotten outside to run very much lately. I kept a conservative pace and felt really good even though there was a very long, gradual hill after the first 1/4 mile. That’s when my lungs started burning. I ended up taking a few walking breaks, but alternated walking and running as often as possible. Finding a goal in the distance – a stop sign, a fence, a landmark – helps to push me to run as far as I can before walking again. There were a few times I almost felt discouraged by how much I needed to walk. I just had to remind myself that this is still the beginning for me, and walking is ok.

As I neared home, I realized I still had another 1/2 mile to go, so I took a detour through the neighborhood. I pushed harder for the last stretch since I noticed that my time was about 38 minutes, and I really wanted to finish in under 40 minutes! I hit 3.1 miles at exactly 39:58. Done!! My last virtual 5k took about 45 minutes to complete, so I was excited to finish faster with this race. I’m a pretty competitive person, but I try to only compete against myself. I get less frustrated when I don’t compare myself to others.

I’m excited to get my Move For Gold medal and shirt in the mail, so I can add them to my collection! I’m also still looking for a race for December, but I’m not sure if it will be a “real” race or another virtual one. Baby Aren still doesn’t like to be away from me for long (and even woke about 20 minutes before I returned from my run). I’m being a good girl and hoping Santa brings me this treadmill for Christmas. I really, really want to be able to keep up my running during the winter! Knocking out a few miles in the morning while Aren naps is the easiest way for me to keep my mileage up. Plus, running in snow and ice is a little scary for me. I don’t want to risk injury.

Do you know of any good races for December, either local to Denver or a virtual run? Share with me in the comments!

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