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Dear Future Me (Goals for 2017)

Dear Future Me,

If 2017 goes well, you will be opening this letter just before midnight on December 31, 2017. You will be ending one of the most amazing years of your life. Here are just a few things that made 2017 so awesome for you:

You celebrated your one year anniversary with the best husband in the world. You turned 37, which used to seem old but now it doesn’t. Your oldest daughter turned 16 (and you survived it), your son turned 8, and your youngest celebrated her first birthday (and you survived that as well). You took a summer trip to Georgia to visit your family that you missed so much, and you took an overnight trip to California with the husband – the first night away from the kids in about two years. You survived that too, even though you cried more than the baby did.

You became an official BODYPUMP instructor and started teaching classes at the gym again. You got your pre-baby body back and got even stronger than you were before! Hello abs and glutes! You ran a couple of half-marathons this year, including the Colfax half — without being pregnant or having an injured hip! Finally! You were able to beat your goal time of finishing in less than 2:30, and Hunter was by your side as you crossed the finish line.

Your word for the year was inspire, and this year you focused on that word each day. You lived your life in such a way that you inspired everyone you met. Your kids were inspired to be healthier in their own actions. They were inspired to make the world a better place. You inspired your group exercise class participants to do more, be more. You used your blog as a tool to inspire moms and families to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. You showed these people that you’re never too old to start working toward being happy and healthy.

There were some bumps in the road, as there always are, but you didn’t let any of that get you down. You kept your head up and stayed positive, knowing that you were in control of your own happiness and success. YOU were the reason that 2017 was the best year of your life, and now you’re going to make 2018 even better.


Me <3

If you could talk to your future self, what would you say? What are your big goals for 2017?


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