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Clean Eating on a Budget (Part 2)

Here we are for week two of clean eating on a budget! If you missed my last post, you can find it HERE.

This week, the hubby wanted to go grocery shopping. He and I definitely shop differently, so you will see some different items from his shopping trip. He took our list to Safeway and came back with quite a bit of food, and for not a lot of money. (We use the OurGroceries app and sync our list between our phones so that we don’t have to worry about forgetting a list at home!)

Arien’s Shopping:

Not pictured: another package of sausage and bacon (already in the freezer) and 3 pounds of ground beef (also divided up and in the freezer). All of these goodies total $41.67. We stopped getting gallons of milk (unless they are cheaper than the half-gallon) because the kids don’t drink it as much anymore. We try to buy cereals without tons of sugar, and the kids don’t have an issue with store brands. Bread is to make sandwiches for school lunch. Refried beans help to make a quick and easy meal on tough nights (not the cleanest food option, but better than McDonald’s or ramen). I still haven’t figured out why he only bought one can of corn…

My Shopping:

I made a trip to Sprouts, which if you remember is our store that has the BEST prices on produce. For example, Sprouts had red bell peppers 3 for $1, while Safeway had them 2 for $3. EEK! I’ll pay $0.33 instead of $1.50, thankyouverymuch!!

All of this cost just $24.44, even with a big splurge on those Lenny & Larry’s cookies. I don’t usually buy those, but the price was too good to pass up! When I want some kind of “treat,” it’s not a bad choice to reach for.

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The Meal Plan:

With all of this yummy food, we created a plan for the week.

Monday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, and garlic bread
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday! Tortillas, refried beans, shredded chicken, onions, peppers, guac, salsa
Wednesday: Chicken/pineapple/pepper stir fry with rice and salad (using fresh pineapple vs canned)
Thursday: Brinner – eggs, sausage, fruit salad
Friday: Baked potato soup with bacon, green beans on the side
Saturday: **eating out at a birthday party**
Sunday: **Superbowl Sunday** {I honestly haven’t planned this far yet, so I’ll report back}

We still had a LOT of chicken leftover in the freezer, as well as some pantry staples (spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, etc), so these were things I didn’t need to buy for this week. I also know that Thursday and Friday have the potential to be difficult nights, so I’m trying to keep it somewhat easy. If I need it, Hunter (my 15 year old) will be able to cook dinner those nights.

Total Cost of Food:

This week’s food cost us $66.11, minus a $0.75 rebate from ibotta (for the apples, carrots, and peppers). That is definitely less than last week’s cost, but it helps when we are able to stock up on meat at a low price. We also obviously haven’t factored in the cost of food for the weekend, since we will be eating away from home on Saturday, and need to plan for Sunday. We do have some drumsticks in the freezer that Arien can cook…so that might be an idea…

Next week is going to look a little different for us because Arien’s mom is moving in with us temporarily. That means one more adult to feed, but it also means someone with different tastes and food preferences. She also likes to shop for her own meal ideas sometimes. Maybe I can convince her to let me keep this project up for two more weeks? We’ll see how it goes!


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