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Fall Break Fun in Colorado

Fall Break Fun in Colorado

This past week was Fall Break for both of my kiddos, and I really wanted to make the most of their time out of school. Kaiden spent the week with his dad and Arien was out of town for work, but I had my girls with me so we planned some fun activities!

Visiting the pumpkin patch, apple picking, carving pumpkins and baking sweets…these are all things that OTHER families do for fun in the fall. We did none of those. Here’s what we did do:

Visited Castle Rock, Colorado

Castle Rock is one of my favorite places in Colorado – specifically the Rock itself. We always look for the Rock when we drive through Castle Rock, and we like to hike to the top. But I don’t climb to the very top of the rock because heights and certain death.

We walked around the Rock Park, picking up leaves and petting dogs that happened to be out as well. After we took lots of pictures there, we went downtown and did a little window shopping. Aren’s favorite spot was the fountain, where she and I splashed in the freezing cold water. Her little squeals of joy filled my heart and made me laugh so much!

At Hunter’s request, we grabbed lunch at Mad Greens. There’s just something about a big delicious salad that you don’t have to chop and prepare yourself. It’s like it tastes that much better when someone else makes it.

Visited Loveland, Colorado

I don’t typically drive places that are more than an hour away from home, because I just never know how Aren is going to tolerate being in the car. Thankfully, she was fairly good for us and we were able to visit a new location! We met up with a friend and her daughter at Chapungu Sculpture Park at Centerra and let our girls walk around while we chatted (and took pictures of course). Unfortunately it was fairly hot and sunny, so our pictures didn’t turn out great. We did have a good time just getting out and seeing friends though! And it felt good to explore another part of Colorado that we hadn’t seen before.

Went Trick or Treating at Southlands

Here’s the reality: We are expecting possible snow on Monday, and very cold temps on Halloween. Now, I’ll be a good mom and suck it up and take my kids out to ask strangers for candy, but I KNOW they aren’t going to want to walk around in the freezing night for very long. They’d rather come back home and eat candy out of our own bucket. So since Kaiden returned home yesterday, we went to our local shopping area this morning and had a mini trick or treat session. The kids had a blast! The great part about going trick or treating at 10:00 AM is you get to see all of the other kids in their adorable costumes. I think my favorite was the 3 year old wearing a Waste Management costume, complete with a dirty face. If there had been a costume contest, he would have been the winner.

To Do: Eat Some Sweets

I’ve never been much of a baker. I don’t even care to make boxed sweets very often. So I’m definitely not making any pumpkin pies or apple crisps or any of those delicious things that awesome moms make. What I DO want to make for the first time ever: caramel apples. Now that my oldest is without braces, we can enjoy caramel apples together! I’ll be going to the store later today for ingredients, and I’m sure we will all create a sticky, yummy mess.

What are your favorite fall activities? Do you have a favorite fall dish you like to make?

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