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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men

Valentine’s Day seems to sneak up on me every year, but I’m determined to be prepared this year! I started thinking about the perfect gift already, and I was so happy to find it! This year, my sweetheart is getting a beautiful JORD wooden watch – such a unique gift that he will treasure forever. Here are my top suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts to make (almost) any man happy!

#1 – JORD Wooden Watch

I decided to get Arien the Hyde series watch in Ebony & Iron. For a guy who loves to look polished but not flashy, this minimalist watch fit his style perfectly. And of course he LOVES it! I don’t know if I’ve ever given him a gift that he has gushed over before, but there was definitely gushing with this one!

JORD offers 12 stunning watch series with the option to add an engraving for that personal touch that will make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. Include text on the backplate of the watch or on the side of the cedar watch box to remind him how much he means to you. Check out the men’s watch options HERE, and grab a women’s watch for yourself HERE

#2 – Sports Themed Gifts

Sports are a HUGE hit in our house, and we practically watch some type of ball game all year long – whether its basketball, baseball, or football. Sports themed gifts are a guaranteed score with my husband. I could give him socks, t-shirts, Fathead wall decals, pajama pants, framed photos, jerseys… you get the idea. He’d enjoy them all. Tickets to a local game would be an even better gift, but I’m saving that idea for when I’m not pregnant and we can go together.

#3 – Dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse

There’s only one thing my husband loves almost as much as me – and that is meat. Ok ok, he was in love with meat first, but I’d like to think he would choose ME if he had to pick one or the other. His favorite place to eat is a Brazilian steakhouse in Denver. If you aren’t familiar with that type of restaurant, you are able to eat ALL the meat you want. It’s a meat-lover’s dream. Take him to dinner there and you will end up with one happy – and very full – man.

#4 – Breakfast in Bed

I’m sure I don’t need to go into much detail here on how you can make this more romantic, but you can use your imagination. If you bought him a sports team shirt or jersey, throw it on. Put his new JORD watch on your wrist. Whip up some eggs and bacon. Bring it to him on a tray in bed. Let him decide which gift he’d like to enjoy first. *wink wink* Not a fan of eggs and bacon? Try this simple parfait for a unique treat.

#5 – Dinner and a Movie

It sounds so cliche, but most guys really ARE into simple gifts. It doesn’t matter if you go out to dinner and catch a movie at the theater, or just stay home to Netflix and chill. I can almost guarantee that there’s nothing better that your man will want than to spend time with you. So go big or go small, and just enjoy each other’s company. Refer back to the suggestions in #4 if you want to add a little spice to your night.

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Do you have an amazing Valentine’s Day gift idea for your man? I’d love for you to share it with me in a comment below!

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