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80 Day Obsession Recipes for 25 Meals!

80 Day Obsession Recipes for 25 Meals!

Ok you guys, I have had a total revelation on how I meal plan and I just HAVE to share it with you! Traditionally, I made my meal plan chart with a specific meal for each time of the day, each day of the week. NO MORE. I will for now and always make a LIST instead! Sometimes what I have planned doesn’t fit my mood, or sometimes I have leftovers and want to repeat a meal. So here I give you my 80 Day Obsession recipes for 25 meals for you to mix and match as you please!

80 Day Obsession Recipes

These meals are designed to fit Plan C for 80 Day Obsession. Not on Plan C? No worries! You can easily add or subtract containers as needed to fit your plan. Typically for higher brackets, you add in a green, a red, or a tsp. It’s very easy to double a container or add in something extra. For plans A or B, you may need to remove a tsp or a container to fit your plan.

If you want meals and recipes specific to Plan A, click HERE.

Most of my meals fall into two types: a food bowl (some call it a buddha bowl) or a bento box style meal (foods I eat separately, not as a “dish”). You’ll also see that 90% of my teaspoons are just a scoop of peanut butter that I eat after my meal, kind of as a dessert.

80 day obsession recipes
Breakfast bowl for Meal 2: Spinach and yellow squash, 2 eggs, sweet potato, avocado – apple and PB on the side

Here they all are, broken down by meal type, and organized as a midday workout (since I exercise during nap time). If you workout at a different time, just rearrange the meals to fit your day!

Meal Option 1

Green, Purple, Red, Tsp

  • sliced bell peppers dipped in greek yogurt (I add lemon juice, dill, and garlic powder for a savory flavor), apple slices dipped in PB (Look HERE for an example)
  • baby carrots and apples dipped in greek yogurt and cinnamon (Autumn says you can add 1/2 tsp honey), PB
  • 2 eggs with sautéed spinach and mushrooms (I use 1/2 green each and cooking spray), apple with PB
  • Chocolate Shakeology blended with spinach (add mint extract for flavor), berries on the side, peanut butter
  • Shakeo blended with spinach AND 1/2 banana AND PB (helps to mask the spinach flavor)
  • Shakeo blended with strawberries, sliced cucumbers on the side, PB straight into my mouth

Meal Option 2

Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue, Tsp

  • Breakfast bowl: 2 eggs with wilted spinach (1/2 green), halved grape tomatoes (1/2 green), diced sweet potatoes, and feta cheese. Apple slices and PB on the side.
  • Omelet with sautéed diced peppers and onions (1/2 green each, sub other veggies if you like), cheese of your choice, toast with butter, bowl of berries on the side
  • Salad: lettuce, 2 boiled eggs, sliced strawberries, black beans, avocado, extra virgin olive oil & vinegar (I add some garlic powder, lemon juice, salt, and dijon mustard to make a salad dressing)
  • Salad: lettuce, shredded chicken (I boil a few breasts at a time, shred, and keep in the fridge), strawberries/blueberries, feta, EVOO (and vinegar and spices to make a dressing), with sweet potato on the side
  • Quinoa bowl: quinoa, chopped raw broccoli, halved grape tomatoes, shredded chicken, feta (1/2 blue), avocado (1/2 blue), EVOO (to make a dressing), berries on the side
  • Pasta bowl: spiral pasta with shredded chicken and EVOO dressing, sliced bell peppers dipped in hummus, diced melon on the side
  • Taco/fajitas: tortilla with chicken or steak, sauteed peppers and onions, cheese of choice, apple slices and PB (or use the olive oil to cook your veggies and meat)
  • Pasta bowl: bowtie or spiral pasta, sauteed shrimp with spicy seasoning or garlic (my preference), chopped veggies (variety to fill a green – broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, shredded spinach, etc), 1/2 feta and 1/2 avocado to fill a blue, EVOO (can use oil by itself or make into a dressing), side of mixed fruit

    80 day obsession meal plans
    Meal 2 breakfast quinoa bowl: 2 eggs, quinoa, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, avocado, side of blueberries and PB (meal plan D)

Pre- OR Post-Workout Meal (same containers for both)

Green, Red, Yellow, Tsp

  • Shakeo blended with spinach, PB on toast
  • Shakeo, sliced peppers, sweet potato with cinnamon, PB
  • Quinoa bowl with chopped veggies to fill a green container, chicken, EVOO to make a dressing
  • Salad: lettuce, chicken, edamame (I buy frozen and steam in the microwave, then pop the beans out), EVOO dressing
  • 2 eggs, sauteed spinach with garlic, oatmeal with PB mixed in (sooo good!!)
  • Baby carrots dipped in greek yogurt (either savory as mentioned above, or with cinnamon and 1/2 tsp honey), oatmeal or toast with PB

    80 day obsession recipes momblog
    Meal 2 quinoa breakfast bowl: 2 eggs, quinoa, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, feta, and blackberries and PB on the side

Meal Option 3

Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Tsp

  • Zoodle bowl: Zoodles (spiral zucchini nooodles), sauteed shrimp, edamame, olives, pesto
  • Salad: Lettuce or spinach, garlic chicken, edamame, olives, EVOO dressing
  • Lettuce with chicken and EVOO dressing, sweet potato with cinnamon, PB for dessert
  • Pasta bowl: spiral or bowtie pasta, spicy shrimp, olives, diced raw veggies to fill a green, EVOO dressing
  • Quinoa bowl: (same as pasta bowl, just with quinoa)
  • Brinner: 2 eggs with sauteed yellow squash and zucchini (cooked in tsp EVOO), oatmeal topped with sunflower seeds OR pumpkin seeds OR coconut and a dash of cinnamon
Pre-Workout meal for Plan D: 2 eggs, mushrooms and spinach, diced sautéed sweet potato, apples and PB

I actually have 26 80 Day Obsession recipes listed here because I thought of one more as I was typing. I plan to add to this list as more ideas come to me, so make sure you pin this page to your Pinterest boards so you can check back for updates!

Do you have any favorite meals that you want me to include in my list of 80 Day Obsession Recipes? Drop a comment below and I’ll be happy to add them!

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